200 views per week

As you might have noticed, I did a subtle change to my Instagram Account:

I converted it into an Instagram Business-Account. Why? Because a business profile allows me to see not only who likes my posts but also to see how many people saw my posts and how many people have visited my profile.

Using that information, I saw, that there’s an average of 200 people visiting my profile every week, which, in comparison might not be much, but is insane for me, so thank you for visiting my Instagram Profile 🙂

How to revive a blog

It’s simple to do with humans: Recovery position and a cardiac massage, but how can a blog be revived?

I posted my last blog post in German roughly 4 months ago and my last blog post in English is even 8 months old. I didn’t create a new summer title image, no Halloween image and no new winter image. One could therefore say that I neglected this blog a little. But this is going to change, because I planned something new. Continue reading “How to revive a blog”

Android: A one year review

I know that I am a bit late to the party and that there are a million tech reviews about Android, Android Nougat and Oreo and about my phone, the HTC 10 already out there, but still, this is my blog and I want to share my honest opinion about stuff here. So here we go.

Almost exactly one year ago, I decided to quit Windows Phone for Android. That said, I must admit that I actually don’t use Android for a year. It took me some time to get the HTC after that blogpost and shortly after I got the phone, I managed to drop it and break the screen. Also, the main camera was broken from the beginning, so I had to send it to repair anyway. So, effectively, I probably used Android for half a year or so. But anyway, let’s get started. Continue reading “Android: A one year review”

Make the interwebz great again #HalloweenPost

I am writing this post for three reasons. First of all, I want you all to admire the special halloween cover I put on the front page. Please admire it now!

Ok, the second and third reason are somewhat related. You might have seen that big blue banner that appeared before you entered the site. This is because I am part of the Internet Defense League, a movement to defend net neutrality. And if you, my dear reader, are from the US, than you are concerned directly, because your freedom of speech in the internet is in danger. Continue reading “Make the interwebz great again #HalloweenPost”


Lately, I reactivated my Instagram account. I did this, because I discovered that Instagram has more to show than people taking selfies of them in every second of their life and actually offers beautiful images and stories to tell. So, I went into my account and answered all follower requests that arrived in the past 2 years where I did not use my Instagram account. But then I asked myself if having and using another social media account wouldn’t just kill more time than being actually useful. Continue reading “Instagram”

Wrapping things up

It feels kind of strange, but now, the serious business starts. While I already packed some things a week ago, I really started to pack everything I don’t need any more here into my luggage. Because I only have two days left here in Strasbourg. Anyway: You might have some questions in your head: What are you going to do now? What happens with the blog? And most importantly: Why are bananas yellow? Continue reading “Wrapping things up”

My opinion about some teachers

As I am leaving Strasbourg in some weeks, I can safely tell you my opinion about the teachers here in Strasbourg as they will only have two weeks to be mad at me.

In case you are one of my class mates you will probably be able to guess who I am talking about but as I think that pointing at someone and saying “You are nasty!” is very unpolite, I will not name any teacher in particular but rather tell you my opinion in general about the way some teachers teach here in Strasbourg. Continue reading “My opinion about some teachers”