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It’s simple to do with humans: Recovery position and a cardiac massage, but how can a blog be revived?

I posted my last blog post in German roughly 4 months ago and my last blog post in English is even 8 months old. I didn’t create a new summer title image, no Halloween image and no new winter image. One could therefore say that I neglected this blog a little. But this is going to change, because I planned something new.

For geocaching, I forced myself since the beginning of May to find at least one geocache per day and that worked OK so far. Therefore, I want to do something similar with this blog. However, I think that one blog post per day is a bit too much, hence, it’s going to be one blog post every week each Sunday.

In order for that not to fail straight away due to the lack of creativity on my side, I prepared several blog posts already and I made a list of subjects that I want to tackle in the upcoming weeks:

Today, I’ll start with my new life and what has changed in the past 8 months.

Firstly: I have my Bachelor of Science degree. Not. I almost got it this semester, but I failed one exam. But a miss is as good as a mile. It’s only that one exam that I failed, and I therefore appeal once again to everybody who thinks about going abroad: TAKE LEAVE! I didn’t take leave when I went to France and that put me in a very bad situation: Since only few grades of my studies abroad were transferred to my home university, I had to repeat the year that I spent abroad. It’s as if I paused studying for one year but that pause didn’t count as a pause: I went abroad in the 5th and 6th semester and then did my 5th and 6th semester at home except that I was officially in the 7th and 8th semester. And my program has a maximum length of 8 semesters. And because of that and that one failed exam, I should actually be exmatriculated. That would mean that I wasted four years of my life because of my intercultural engagement and because of one (stupid) exam.

Thankfully, the TUM (my university) has a regulation that grants students of all programs one free additional semester, no questions asked, if they never failed a semester before (which I luckily never did). If, however, the student does not manage to finish his studies within that one semester, shit is hitting the fan! I could submit a hardship petition, but I doubt that I will get another semester because I didn’t take leave 2 years ago.

The good news is though: I passed all other exams and I started my master program anyway. Unfortunately, that success didn’t come without hard work, which meant that I disappeared for almost 2 months in a deep learning phase. I keep joking about people who never have time to do something because of all the other things they have to do, since in the past years, I managed to keep my social life up and running even during the learning phases. Not this year. In fact, I didn’t even manage to keep my private diary up to date! But that has changed in the meanwhile: I posted new pictures on my Instagram Account and I revived some of my programming projects.

But the most important thing is: I have a new job! I am now working since the beginning of October at the Bavarian agency for digitisation, high-speed internet and surveying as a game engineer. You might ask yourself now:

1 . Why that tongue twister as a name?

Well, you’ll have to ask Markus Söder about that. He renamed the Bavarian land registry to that beautiful name during his period as the Bavarian minister of finance because that unpronounceable name sounds so much cooler.

2 . What does a game engineer do at a land surveying office?

In a nutshell, the LDBV, as it’s abbreviated in German, is an agency which does not have much media presence. Land surveying simply does not sound very interesting. Only few people know that they do things that are so much cooler. And it’s my job to create fun games and applications which are based on Bavarian geodata (i. e. aerial images, maps and 3D-models of Bavaria) to get some PR. I won’t go into much detail because I already posted a detailed article about my internship there to which I am going to refer you to.

The interesting part of that story is that I submitted my application for a student job right after I left the internship. But because I was the first student trainee to work there, some bureaucratic barriers had to be taken down and that took them one whole year! I almost gave the idea to work there up until my contract finally dropped into my mailbox.

I plan on doing some blog posts about my new job, but that obviously requires the permission of my employer 🙂

To wrap it up, my life underwent many positive changes and I am looking forward to all upcoming blog posts 🙂 But don’t forget: You can subscribe to my blog by entering your email-address at the bottom of the page which will send you an email every time I post something new. And come back next week for another interesting subject 🙂

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