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My aviation bug

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PAPI lights and runway of the airfield in Malmi. Text in the image: Runway; 4 red PAPI-lights = I'm dead

Many people are writing about the aviation bug: It’s that little something that makes you want to be in the air. Not as a passenger, but as a pilot. And there’s one problem with it: Once it got you, it never goes away. And sooner or later, you will find yourself flying in the air. Read my story about how I was infected in this new blogpost! Weiterlesen / Read more


How to revive a blog

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It’s simple to do with humans: Recovery position and a cardiac massage, but how can a blog be revived? I posted my last blog post in German roughly 4 months ago and my last blog post in English is even 8 months old. I didn’t create a new summer title image, no Halloween image and… Weiterlesen / Read more