200 views per week

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As you might have noticed, I did a subtle change to my Instagram Account: I converted it into an Instagram Business-Account. Why? Because a business profile allows me to see not only who likes my posts but also to see how many people saw my posts and how many people have visited my profile. Using […]

Creative stuff


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Lately, I reactivated my Instagram account. I did this, because I discovered that Instagram has more to show than people taking selfies of them in every second of their life and actually offers beautiful images and stories to tell. So, I went into my account and answered all follower requests that arrived in the past […]


My Profile Picture

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Since quite a while I want to get myself a new profile picture. On all platforms. On Facebook, I use the same sunset for quite some time now and on WhatsApp I don’t even have any profile picture and that is about to change, but how?