Thoughts about the Corona virus1 min read

The current news is all about one thing: The Corona virus. Lately, they even said the following in the German news: “Surveys show that people are not scared of the virus even though one more infection has been reported” (source 1 slide 17, source 2). Funnily enough, people are not scared of driving a car either, even though there are hundreds of deaths per month in Germany (source).

I am currently a little unlucky as I got myself a cold. Or is it really a cold? It could also be the virus… Should I go see a doctor? In general, I would say that it never hurts to go to the doctor, but I also think that the current media coverage exaggerates the impact that the virus has. I am not an epidemiologist nor am I a doctor, but just by reading the above-mentioned statistics, I get the impression that there are so many other way more important causes of death which people neglect.

Nevertheless, stay safe and always: Please consult your doctor or pharmacist about any risks and side effects 😉


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