Thoughts about the Corona virus1 min read

Edit: This article reflects my opinion from the very beginning of the pandemic (see the date when the article was published first). Since then, the pandemic has developed and with the current antivaxx and conspiracy movements, I would like to clarify that my opinion has changed drastically since then. I do acknowledge COVID-19 as a serious threat and I support the actions taken at least by my government. Please get yourself vaccinated if you haven’t already, so-that we can end this pandemic.

The current news is all about one thing: The Corona virus. Lately, they even said the following in the German news: “Surveys show that people are not scared of the virus even though one more infection has been reported” (source 1 slide 17, source 2). Funnily enough, people are not scared of driving a car either, even though there are hundreds of deaths per month in Germany (source).

I am currently a little unlucky as I got myself a cold. Or is it really a cold? It could also be the virus… Should I go see a doctor? In general, I would say that it never hurts to go to the doctor, but I also think that the current media coverage exaggerates the impact that the virus has. I am not an epidemiologist nor am I a doctor, but just by reading the above-mentioned statistics, I get the impression that there are so many other way more important causes of death which people neglect.

Nevertheless, stay safe and always: Please consult your doctor or pharmacist about any risks and side effects 😉


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