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Lately, I reactivated my Instagram account. I did this, because I discovered that Instagram has more to show than people taking selfies of them in every second of their life and actually offers beautiful images and stories to tell. So, I went into my account and answered all follower requests that arrived in the past… Weiterlesen / Read more


Wrapping things up

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It feels kind of strange, but now, the serious business starts. While I already packed some things a week ago, I really started to pack everything I don’t need any more here into my luggage. Because I only have two days left here in Strasbourg. Anyway: You might have some questions in your head: What… Weiterlesen / Read more


Good bye Windows Phone

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I know, I haven’t published any article in English for a long time and my goal is still to actually translate everything that I wrote in German but you know what happens. It’s just like with those new year’s resolutions. That’s why I thought: OK, let’s just publish a new article in English first and… Weiterlesen / Read more