The mess with my e-mail-address1 min read

Since people ask me very often about my currently valid e-mail-address, I thought to answer the question once and for all here in this post.


Ok, I am not the person who stays with one e-mail provider for 20 years, but neither do I change my address every day. When I count all e-mail providers I used during my entire life, I count only 4. And when I changed my address, it was always for a good reason.

You can see my current address at the top of the post, but the best thing is, that you can write e-mails to all my addresses:, my private GMail-Account, my and my Eventually, they will all (including the ones sent to arrive at my account.

But now the most important question: Why do you want us to send all e-mail to

Actually, I don’t care, since they are all forwarded. But I thought that since I already have my own domain, it might be a nice thing to use that domain for my mails, too. That’s it.

Btw, you can also send your mails to, it’s forwarded, too 🙂


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