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Lately, I reactivated my Instagram account. I did this, because I discovered that Instagram has more to show than people taking selfies of them in every second of their life and actually offers beautiful images and stories to tell. So, I went into my account and answered all follower requests that arrived in the past 2 years where I did not use my Instagram account. But then I asked myself if having and using another social media account wouldn’t just kill more time than being actually useful.

Honestly, I do not feel the urge to have a beautiful online representation of myself in every social media network I can find. I don’t feel the need to post selfies of me every 10 minutes (People doing so were actually the reason why I left Instagram back then). I see a social media profile from the readers perspective. Is the content I post interesting for anybody to read or see? If not, it shouldn’t be there. And the problem with such interesting content is not only that it takes time to create good stuff, but also to catch the good moments (e. g. pretty Instagram shots). Maybe, the latter one can be practiced, but I am not sure if I am able to invest the time to create an interesting Instagram profile.

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