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Yay, it’s once again my birthday! This time, it’s my 21st birthday. The party with my friends and family is already over and I wanted to use the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on congratulations on Facebook.

When my mother has her birthday, the telephone rings all the time because people want to congratulate her. She’s never more than 5 to ten minutes on the phone, but still, people keep calling all day. When it’s my birthday, the telephone remains silent, but my phone never stops vibrating because people wish me a happy birthday on Facebook. And Facebook makes it very simple: Facebook sends a notification and after receiving that notification, it only takes a minute to click it and to post a quick “happy birthday” on the person’s wall. That is at least what most people do.

I started with that, too, but then I thought that posting just those two words is kind of heartless. If I know that person well enough to congratulate, then I should post something more than “happy birthday”: A little GIF or a little text that is personal to them or something else which is not the generic “happy birthday”. If I don’t feel to invest the time for that person, then I shouldn’t waste my breath. And that’s why I stopped congratulating most people on Facebook. Until it was my birthday and I realized that even a heartless “happy birthday” makes you feel better.

And what am I doing today? Well, I try at least to write something dedicated for that person, something that makes them smile. But even if I can’t or don’t have the time, a little “happy birthday” is better than nothing.

And the moral of the story? I wanted to do the same in return, try to write more than just “thank you for all your wishes”. So here we are 🙂


Btw. Thanks for all your wishes 🙂


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