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So here comes part three of the travel-vlog-blog-series. Although I called the series #ItalyAhead, we’re not yet in Italy. From Swiss we actually went back to France, to Annecy to be precise.

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For those who followed the first and second part of the series along: After eating lunch in Swiss, we went back to France to sleep, because home is where France is …

For those who didn’t read the other parts yet: Go and read them! If you don’t speak German, you are officially allowed to cheat and to use Google Translate to read the first article.

The hotel we slept in was quite good, it was an Ibis hotel. It even had functioning Wi-Fi which was, compared to the hotels in the following cities, a luxury. We arrived around 16 o’clock which gave us the opportunity to take a big walk around the city.

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There’s not much more to say about Annecy. Just a beautiful city. And the fondue was great 🙂 .

The only thing that I should probably mention is that after getting back from the fondue dinner was to play Cards Against Humanity. I highly recommend anyone who is learning a foreign language to play this game with native speakers. There are two piles of cards: Black cards and white cards. The black ones are questions and the white ones are answers. Every player picks 7 answers, then one of the players picks a question from the black pile, reads it out loud and all the other players need to respond with one of their answer cards. The player who read the question then decides which answer was the funniest and the player who placed this answer will get a point. Not only is this game very funny but it teaches you many words and double meanings that you didn’t know before.

We kept playing in the room of one of us until midnight. And as nobody of us had much time to sleep in the bus or at home the night before, we all went to bed and instantly fell asleep.


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