Internet, are you still alive?1 min read

It’s actually quite comfortable in my residence: We pay a rent of 270€ per month and that includes electricity, water and an internet connection. Other residences here are even more expensive and students need to pay for electricity and water separately and the Wi-Fi connection is very poor there too. At my place, it’s different. We have a Wi-Fi connection (and even a Lan connection ^^ ), but it happens quite often that it suddenly stops working.

That happened last week too, and this week again, as if it is a weekly ritual. It’s just really unfortunate that it happens right then, when I am at work, which is the most disturbing moment for me. For those who don’t know what I do at work: I work once a week in Munich, but I don’t travel to Munich each week, I just connect using the internet and I actually like that pretty much as going to Munich every week would be impossible for me. The only downside of that is that I need an internet connection the entire time. In the very second I lose the connection in, I can’t continue my work. And trust me, that can be really annoying!


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