Art or junk?1 min read

Isn’t that strange? From primary school on up until to my A-Levels I hated drawn art and I was really bad in writing any kind of story or analysis. My drawings were awful, my essays terrible to read. And now?

Looking back, it’s not correct to say that I hate art since my childhood, it just wasn’t that style that my teachers wanted to see from me. I was never able to draw a realistic tree in all its glory (and I am still not able to). My style is that style of art where, when exhibited in a museum, people would stand in front of the drawing and say things like “You can clearly see that this red line going across the image symbolizes his broken relationship.” But I still like to draw things from time to time.

Same for writing: At school, I had a really hard time to write any kind of text. Today, it’s somehow easier for me. Sometimes, I even feel the need to write a post about something or to draw my thoughts about a particular subject, even if some articles and drawings never get published.

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