The shower in the wardrobe2 min read

Finally, everything is cleared up and I have time to write this blog post! The shower in the wardrobe? Well, almost, but check it out yourself:

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Since I drove the car all the way from home, I was quite tired at the end. If we had more than 30 km left, I would have switched with my parents. Once arrived, a nice doorkeeper gave me the keys and explained everything to me so we could carry all of the stuff into my new room. At 36°C! 2 boxes, one suitcase, a backpack and a huge bag with the bedding had to find their place. The only issue was that nobody was able to move once everything was in the room. And we were sweating. But who is “we”? I wasn’t alone, that’s for sure. My parents drove me with the car. Or to be more precise I drove myself and my parents, but anyway, “we” were my parents and me.

Time flew very fast: My parents checked in at their hotel, we walked a bit through the city before I wanted to return to take a shower. But I couldn’t, because there was a very nice guy sitting next to the entrance of the building: A German guy who calls himself Peter and who is apparently my new neighbour. And like coincidence wants, he studies Geodesy at the INSA too and came here from Berlin using ERASMUS.

He told me that he came here a week ago since he went to a language course that the INSA suggested to me too, but since I already missed half of the exams at my home university because of ERASMUS, I didn’t want to miss the other half too, so I didn’t go to the language course. That’s how you get to know people 🙂

But now, it’s enough, after all, it’s already 0:15 so sleep well 🙂


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