So here it is my new diary1 min read

It somehow feels strange to translate all of those old blog posts ut for the sake of completeness, here we go.

First of all: Hi! I’m really glad that you stumbled upon this blog to read about a kind of normal student who writes about his experiences abroad.

Ok, I’ wouldn’t exactly say that I am normal and some people don’t even say I’m abroad. My name is Frederik and I usually live in Munich. Right now, I am “abroad” to study in Strasbourg for a year. Why am I so ironic about it? Because Strasbourg is right at the german boarder so those some people are actually right saying that I am not really abroad.

To be honest, I am quite curious about what is going to happen and I really appreciate that you are with me.

If you never want to miss a new blog post, just scroll down to subscribe to the blog. The website will send you an email each time I post something new. And I will post frequently, promised.

Ok, we’ll see if I will be able to fulfill this promise but at least I have the very strong intention to do so. 😉



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