Another funeral2 min read

After our first funeral (which is unfortunately written in German) another thing died here: The touchscreen of my tablet. The screen simply stopped working two days ago. While I am still able to operate my tablet using a mouse and keyboard, the main purpose of having a tablet is to operate it using the big touch-sensitive surface called a touchscreen which now refuses to recognize my finger. I really tried all troubleshooting tips I found on the internet but nothing worked. I finally decided to send my tablet to Microsoft for a warranty repair.

The issue: I use my tablet as my PC too and sending it to service and waiting for a new one more than a week is a very important issue to me. Sure, I could use a pen and some paper to write my notes at university and use the computers at university for everything else but this will be very unhandy. But fortunately, I met a really nice guy at Microsoft Customer Care who proposed me to do a so called “advanced exchange”. Microsoft would send me a new Surface Tablet and once I received it and transferred all of my data, I would send mine over to them. However, they require my credit card because they would charge it once they sent the new device to me and refund the money back once they received my old tablet. But as I currently live in France, it needs to be a French credit card (again, argh).

Ok, no reason to panic. You decided to live in a student residence just for the reason that you’ll always have at least 20 people around ready to help you. But now find a student whose credit card is covered with 800 €! I told them of course that I could transfer those 800 € over to their account and they would simply transfer it back to my account once everything is over but that would result in the credit cards being covered by tomorrow morning but I needed them to be covered now! After I tried different credit cards for two hours (during which I had a really nice chat with Microsoft tech support), I finally gave up and decided to go for a “standard exchange”. That means that I will have to live without a surface tablet for about a week up until they send me a new one but at least no credit card is required.


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